Invest in Gävle

– the regional capital by the sea, with a bright future and a great location

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Gävle offers possibilities for investments in an attractive setting by the sea, close to the international airport and metropolitan areas.

Located only 60 minutes away from Arlanda and 80 minutes from Stockholm, Gävle’s position is very strategic. Gävle is a part of Sweden’s traditional industry and its strongest export region. A historical city of shipping and commerce within steel, forestry and pulp and paper. Gävle has a population of 101,000 inhabitants and it is growing by about 1,000 inhabitants per year. In 2030 the population is estimated to reach 120,000 inhabitants. This means that by then, we need to have 10,000 more homes and 11,000 more jobs.

Great opportunities for investments in Gävle

Make use of Gävle’s competitive advantages:

  • Gävle’s specialisations.
    Transports and logistics, geographic information systems energy and sustainability, pulp and paper and forest industries as well as authorities and public sector define our specialisations and strong business clusters. On top of that, add world-class deliverance of fiber, broadband, an ongoing building boom and an increasing tourism industry.
  • Gävle’s geographical location near Stockholm-Arlanda.
    80 minutes to Stockholm and 60 minutes to Arlanda means quick access to one of Europe’s most rapidly growing areas, Sweden’s largest labour market and a direct link to the rest of the world.
  • Gävle’s full infrastructure.
    The Port of Gävle, European routes E4 and E16, as well as three main railway lines together form a hub that gives competitive advantages in all lines of business, not least for companies who rely on export.
  • Gävle’s status as the regional capital.
    Plenty of authorities, such as Länsstyrelsen (the County Administrative Board) and mapping authority Lantmäteriet, are located in Gävle. As is the University of Gävle, one of Sweden’s most popular further education facilities.
  • Gävle’s role as the regional growth centre.
    About 8,000 companies in different shapes and sizes within all lines of business, from service companies to production industry, commerce and tourism, all are active in Gävle. Within short commuting distance are also global steel company Sandvik and the papermill Stora Enso.

Welcome to the industrial kingdom of Gävle

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